Saturday, November 21, 2015

Floating Leaves

I should be working on preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner.  My back started hurting again though.  I took some Ibuprofen and figured I would do a little bit of work on genealogy while I was waiting on it to kick in.

I have been going through the descendants of Thomas Clinton CHANDLER Sr..  I want to make sure I get the info I have on them in before writing his story.  There are 2 reasons for this.  First I know as soon as I get done writing his story I will probably move on to the next ancestor.  I want to make sure there aren't any little leafs floating around in his descendants before I move on.  Second, I want all the name I have, in the system, because after I get done with his story then I can just print his descendant report for our family history book.  I think it would be a good thing to have because then my son can see who all of his cousins are (there are a lot).

While going through the descendants, I stumbled upon another infant death.  I have updated the CHANDLER page and the Memorials for Other Relatives page with the info.  I couldn't find this obit on but it looks like one was made because the bio on Find a Grave reads like an obit.  For now there is just a screen clipping and link to his Find a Grave Memorial.  Usually this area is good about having their papers in so I don't know if I will find one or not.  I am just trying to keep these pages updated as I find the information.

Now to look at brother-in-law 2/6 sibling-in-law 2/11 descendants.  Gotta make sure there are no leafs floating around and that my tree matches my tree.  Does anyone know of an automatic way to load the data between the 2 trees?  I spend a lot of time making sure the info in both are the same. I always want to make sure the data is saved in Family Search so I will still have access to it, should my fixed income ever prevent me from renewing my subscription.  However I find more, quicker on ancestry, so I renew as often as I can.  I wish ancestry would sell gift cards.  I don't know anyone that would pay that amount for me an ancestry subscription or dna test, but I might could get everyone to buy me a $20 gift card that would add up to the subscription or test amount.  I did it one year with a guitar, why not ancestry?  LOL

Ok. So Family Search is having internal server errors, so comparing what I have in both trees is out the window.  So I guess I will just see if there are any leaf hints popping up on descendants on ancestry.

I can't find my brother-in-law's obit.  Ugh this is so frustrating.  Oh well time to go to mother-in-law's for lunch.  Maybe she'll have it.

She said since he passed away in California, she didn't get an obit.  She has the memorial pamphlet from the funeral home though, she is going to look for it.  Mean while an uncle was visiting.  I got his first wife and kids' names to put in the tree.  So that is progress.  Done for today.  Gotta get working on Thanksgiving plans.

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