Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Genealogy Notes and Updates

I have the program, created by, Family Tree Maker 2014 (FTM).  I was hoping to do a few things on it today.  I wanted to update one of my places lists to post on here, and I wanted to work on my favorite report "Family View Report" which needs some work done on a couple of people for it to be ready to print.  Unfortunately my FTM will not sync.  It is having a Mapping Handling issue. has been notified, they have responded, and I have sent them screen clippings as requested.  I wish there was another way to view my people sorted by place, while they try to figure out this issue.  Hmmm, going to to make sure I didn't overlook another way to do this.  Nope!  It appears that FTM is the only way to sort people by location.  It is also the only way to get a report that has both the pedigree and the children of a specific person on one page.  Hmf!  I guess I will have to do something else.

On a lighter note, recently I was looking through to see if there was anything cool to attach to my father-in-law's page.  I found all of my husbands' siblings birth announcements and a letter to the editor of the newspaper that my husband's brother wrote.  It gave a lot of insight into some of the struggles he has personally faced.  I know I can't share living people's info, so I won't.  It did give me some encouragement to continue onto the path of looking at more resources, because it's articles like that one, that will let me get a greater sense of the life my relatives and ancestors have lived.  Also there are some life events that some people just don't want to talk about, like the death of a child.  I found 3 obits for my husband's nieces and nephews who have passed.  This gave me the critical dates of the stories that everyone would just rather not talk about.  Hope this inspires you to check out newspapers for your family members, regardless of what service you use.

Since I can't do much in FTM, I think I am going to move onto MyCanvas.  This is a page created and Alexanders bought that allows you to make family history books.  You can either make it online and have it professionally printed in a nicely bound book, or you can't print each page yourself.  I need to work on the last page of my story to put into our family history binder.  Ok.  That page is done.

The last page of my story (as of now).
I am preparing to work on my father-in-law's memorial page.  I have my family history binder divided by surname sections.  I only thought it appropriate to give each surname their own page on here as well.  So I created the page CHANDLER first.  I plan on linking the posts that contain the Chandler surname there.  Also if I find any family specific resources I will share them there as well.  I don't have his memorial done yet, and it may take some time.  To remedy this I have put a "Coming Soon" section on the page.  So people can see who I am working on and anticipate the information being posted.

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