Saturday, November 28, 2015

Surname and Place Organization

Yesterday I worked on the CHANDLER page on this blog.  I completely revamped it to include: information about the surname, all desceaced relatives that have this surname, and resources I have found.  I think it's set up much better now.  My tree is always evolving so the more I dig the more this page will to.  I think doing surname pages are important because the further I seem to go back the more I run into the same or similar surnames across different lines.  I would like to see the connections that are there, and I think this would be the best way to do it.  It also would make it more obvious (in this alphabetical type list) if I have duplicates.

I decided I wanted to do the place pages in our family history book a bit differently.  So I decided to start working on those, starting from our current places and going back to the places my father-in-law lived.  My father-in-law's memorial page will be the first memorial page completed, since he is the closest deceased relative to my son.  I have created a places page that will link to each place's post.  I decided to add a list of all desceased relatives associated with each place, to the posts.  This helps me see easier what historical facts may have had the most impact on my family.  Helping me to write a better place story, with out having to go back and edit/add to so frequently.  I started working on one town and this is already proving to be way more useful.  I also think it will help me create a list of times and topics I am most interested in, when visiting genealogy and historical societies and libraries.  The first place I am working on is our current location: Peru, Howard County, Indiana, USA.  Not only am I more likely to get to their local societies and libraries but it also is associated with past relatives.  Be on the look out for a post soon.

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